Dr. Kami Hoss, DDS, MS has spent the past twenty years applying his visionary leadership and entrepreneurial drive in achieving exceptional revenue growth and business development in the dental industry.

Alongside his wife and business partner, Dr. Nazli Keri, Dr. Kami Hoss founded and built The Super Dentists into the largest pediatric dentistry and orthodontic practice in San Diego. This highly respected dental practice occupies five buildings in California and has grown in income and profits every year, despite economic downturns and depressions.

As CEO, Dr. Kami Hoss has personally managed many different business aspects of the dental industry.








Daily building operation

A Leader in Dentistry

Dr. Kami Hoss has educated himself in business and used his persevering drive to seamlessly integrate his acumen in finance, management, and networking with his passion for providing only the highest-quality orthodontic care and “Super” service that each and every one of his patients have grown to know and trust. 

Since 1996, The Super Dentists has expanded from a single-doctor practice to more than 120 employees, working across five offices to serve more than 100,000 active patients all throughout San Diego County. Under Kami’s tactful and thorough supervision, what began as a small practice has steadily grown to serve approximately one out of every seven people in San Diego. The Super Dentists also holds the honorable distinction of Elite Provider status for all three systems of dental braces, a distinction given to only 2% of orthodontists, worldwide.

The Super Dentists is recognized for its commitment to community, including The Super Dentists Academy and the Super Dentists Foundation. In 2014 alone, the Academy gave dental presentations to more than 30,000 local children and provides continuing education classes for doctors and their staffs.

Dr. Kami Hoss

With a passion for education, Dr. Kami Hoss spearheads a variety of annual events in order to continue to provide academic and sports scholarships for schools throughout the year. He also recently co-founded Howard Healthcare Academy, an accredited Dental Assisting School. He is the Orthodontic Advisor to some of San Diego’s leading multidisciplinary study groups.

Kami is a member of such prestigious dental associations as American Association of Orthodontists, California Association of Orthodontists, World Federation of Orthodontists, and American Dental Association. He serves on the Eastlake and Opal, LLC boards of directors.

Dr. Kami Hoss earned his undergraduate degree at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1993. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from UCLA and completed his post-doctoral residency and a dual degree in Advanced Orthodontics and Craniofacial Biology from the University of Southern California (USC).


Outside of his dental practice, Dr. Kami Hoss is also active in real estate. After his first real estate purchase — a condo he acquired to grow his emerging dental practice — Kami realized he enjoyed working in the industry and began seeking out new development opportunities independent of his dental practice and the industry.

Since his first purchase in 1997, Dr. Kami Hoss has now acquired and managed commercial real estate covering 150,000 total square feet spread over 3,000 acres throughout multiple states. Kami soon discovered his penchant for helping to stabilize properties that are underperforming and eventually dramatically increase their market value.

Dr. Kami Hoss has also acquired a vast amount of raw farmland which he has turned into lucrative nut orchards, particularly growing pistachios. An native of Iran, Kami is also a third-generation pistachio farmer. He cherishes his ability, through his farming, to actively pursue environmentally friendly initiatives by planting resources that we need to survive and thrive while building a greener, better future.