Dr. Kami Hoss recommends, aside from brushing regularly and flossing when they remember, most people don’t give a second thought to the health of their smiles. While scheduling weekly visits to your dentist office is definitely a bit excessive, there is a middle ground where you can take better care of your teeth without having to make your life revolve around them. Follow these quick and easy tips to help make your best smile even better.

  1. Drink your milk. Since your teeth are comprised primarily of calcium, it only makes sense that eating a diet with enough protein plays a crucial role in the health of your smile. Make sure that your diet has a healthy incorporation of foods like cheese, yogurt, milk and even seafood, fruit, and leafy greens like spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, collard green, and rapini to boost your body’s calcium levels.
  2. An apple a day… can substitute flossing if you don’t have time to floss throughout the day. While you should always floss after every meal if you’re able, sometimes it can be difficult to squeeze in a floss at the office; furthermore, many people may not be comfortable doing so. If, for whatever reason, you can’t find time to floss your teeth throughout the day, eating hard, crunchy foods — strictly the ones found in nature like carrots, apples, or anything else that gives a nice crunch when you bite it — are abrasive enough to help clean out the gunk that gets stuck between your teeth. Wrap up your lunch with one of these options to make up for the flossing you miss.
  3. Cut out candy. This may seem like an obvious statement, but for many people it’s much harder in practice than it is in theory. There’s sugar in a vast majority of the food you will find at the grocery store, so while cutting pure sweets like candy (especially the sticky ones) might not be difficult, reducing your overall sugar intake can prove quite challenging. Sugar in small amounts isn’t too terrible for you, so as long as you limit your intake, your teeth shouldn’t be affected.
  4. Pucker up. Your mouth is often your body’s first defense against germs and your saliva is one of the strongest soldiers your body has in the battle against bacteria. Tart and sour foods like lemons and limes — that is, foods that make your mouth water — can help your body fight bacteria. Even more importantly, saliva is rich in elements like bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate, that can all help neutralize harmful plaque acids that can cause tooth decay by dissolving important minerals on the surface of the tooth. Saliva can also aid in repairing tooth decay and damage in early stages.
  5. Drink water. Water is the single best fluid that you can consume for not only your teeth, but your entire body as well. Unlike sugary drinks, which can promote tooth decay, water helps rinse our your mouth and helps keep the saliva flowing.


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