With years of experience, Dr. Kami Hoss, MS, DDS, has helped patients from all walks of life deal with all kinds of dental issues. One of the most common of these issues is yellow teeth. For most people, the standard color of teeth is white, and having them turn yellow over time is taken as a sign of poor health. But is it? Dr. Hoss explains the situation.

It is only natural that teeth turn yellow. The teeth age and the bone slowly shows its next layer which is also known as the dentin. The dentin is yellow, especially when compared to what once covered it, which is the enamel.

However, Dr. Hoss notes that other factors contribute to the yellow teeth. First, there’s the food that people eat. Some food such as soda (or any acidic beverage), candy, wine, strong sauces and condiments, and certain fruits wear out the enamel faster. Next, and probably more damaging to the enamel are habits such as smoking, frequent coffee consumption, and chewing tobacco.

Dr. Hoss also states that a person’s genetics plays a role in the yellowing of teeth. There are some genetic defects such as amelogenesis and dentinogenesis imperfecta that lead to the abnormal colors of a person’s teeth.

While Dr. Kami Hoss says the yellowing of teeth is natural, it can be delayed through good dental hygiene, which can prolong the life of the enamel. There are also certain procedures that can restore the whiteness of teeth.

Dr. Kami Hoss holds a master’s in craniofacial biology and a doctorate in dental surgery. He is the CEO of The Super Dentists, the largest pediatric dentistry and orthodontic practice in San Diego, California. For similar posts on dental health, go to this blog.