Dental braces are devices that help correct misaligned and overcrowded teeth. For many individuals, these dental structures can cause damage to their teeth and gums. They can also cause difficulties in breaking down food. While most people wear braces during their adolescent years, these days, it’s not uncommon for adults to improve their teeth with the dental appliance. Dr. Kami Hoss shares this guide to maintaining a healthy smile while wearing braces.

Brush and floss more.

Food and bacteria can build up in the mouth faster with braces in place. This is why dentists advise their patients to brush after every meal. Those who wear braces use special brushes that can clean the brackets. Flossing should be done at least once a day to keep teeth and gums clean.

Stay away from hard and sticky foods.

Dentists like Dr. Kami Hoss advise their patients to watch what they eat. Hard and crunchy foods like nuts can damage the brackets. Gum, cheese, and candies can stick to the wire and brackets, which can make cleaning challenging. Avoiding these foods will keep the braces in the right place.

Visit the dentist regularly

Dentists give their patients a timeline for their treatment. To ensure that the teeth are improving, patients must regularly visit their dentists for adjustments, fixes, or just for a check-up. Patients who skip their check-ups are at risk of cavities and gum disease, and could also prolong their treatment. On the other hand, those who are faithful to dentist visits will most likely finish their treatment on time and without any complications.

Dr. Kami Hoss holds a master’s in craniofacial biology and a doctorate in dental surgery. The Super Dentists is a business he co-founded with business partner and wife, Dr. Nazli Keri. For similar reads, visit this page.