All across the country, the winter months are full of blistering cold weather that seems to assault every exposed part of your body. While we wear mittens to protect our fingers and hats to protect our heads, what do we do to protect our teeth from the blistering cold weather surrounding us? Dr. Kami Hoss reccomends you to prepare your body — and your smile — for the incipient cold to come with these tips on protecting your teeth from the winter weather!

  • Stay hydrated!
    • Believe it or not, drinking lots of water can help protect your teeth from the cold weather. When it gets cold out, the humidity in the air drops and can cause your body to dehydrate. While allowing yourself to be dehydrated is an overall health risk, it’s especially harmful for your oral health as not having enough saliva in your mouth can cause the bacteria to build up exponentially and do even more damage to your oral health. Stay hydrated by making sure to drink the recommended 2 litres or half-gallon of water each day.
  • Breathe through your nose.
    • Cold air can irritate teeth, especially sensitive ones, even just by breathing it in. one simple way to help shield your teeth from the cold is to breathe in through your nose, instead. Your nose is specially designed to warm and humidify the air as it enters your body, filtering it and keeping it from harming your teeth, so changing up how you’re breathing could offer your teeth some sensitivity relief.
  • Limit your exposure.
    • If it’s cold enough outside to see your breath, you should be limiting the time you spend exposed to the cold air. The enamel in our teeth, much like many comparable substances, is susceptible to expansion and contractions that correspond with changes in temperature and being exposed too long to the cold can cause hairline fractures along your teeth that can make you even more sensitive to the cold.
  • Cover it up.
    • Limiting the amount of exposure you face is certainly beneficial in protecting your teeth from the winter, but unfortunately we live in a day and age where it’s simply not feasible to simply hole up all winter until the weather once again becomes favorable. This is why it’s crucial in the moments you do spend outdoors that you’re protected against the wind and temperatures. Carry a scarf with you whenever you need to be outside and make sure to keep your nose and mouth both covered.

Your teeth are a hugely important part of your health, so make sure you pay them the same attention you do other aspects of your health and take care of them during the winter.


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