Dr. Kami Hoss’ Howard Healthcare Academy has just achieved a new record of graduating its biggest batch of students last November, including six students from former Brightwood College. These dental assistant students landed on a tough situation when their school closed after it lost its accreditation. They were left hanging with no other schools to transfer to.

The closure left the students without options in the middle of the dental assistant program, with some having finished seven out of a nine-month program. What’s more heartbreaking about the situation is that some of the students had to take out loans in order to pay for college tuition. The students also stood to lose the credits they worked so hard to attain and, since they were non-transferrable, they would have to start from scratch if they enrolled at a new institution.

Seeing the students in trouble, Kami Hoss opened the doors of the Howard Health Academy for them and helped them transfer to his institution. The academy was able to take on 78% of the dental assistant students. Dr. Hoss also provided the students with scholarships, so they did not have to take out another loan just to pay for his school.

The students were surprised at how fast and efficient the transfer had occurred. Some of them were able to continue with their work internships, which is the late stage of their original program.
Kami Hoss founded Howard Health Academy because he saw the dental industry needed highly-trained registered dental assistants. Even after all the ex-Brightwood students graduate, the academy is committed to continuing its mission of investing in San Diego youth through dental training and education.

Dr. Kami Hoss, MS, DDS, is the CEO of The Super Dentists, the largest pediatric dentistry and orthodontic practice in San Diego. He is also the chief executive officer of Acceledontics and Howard Healthcare Academy. More on Dr. Hoss and his work here.