The Super Dentists is a group of orthodontic specialists operating in San Diego through five branches for over 20 years. Throughout the years, co-founder and CEO Dr. Kami Hoss has created several programs to give back to the community that has supported his business. Such efforts include supporting nonprofit organizations that champion education. The Super Dentists also has annual events such as the Halloween activity Spooktacular and sustained programs such as Candy Buyback.

As part of its celebration of 20 years of service, The Super Dentists is launching its line of toothbrushes. As its name suggests, The Super Dentists primarily focuses its service on pediatric dentistry. The practice’s whole image revolves around a superhero theme, which makes dental visits a lot less intimidating for children.

The Super Dentists’ superhero personas include The ToothKeri, Dr. HaveOneSuperSmile, accompanied by bad guys Molar and Cavitar. All four characters have been etched to the new Super Toothbrush. And it’s not just any other toothbrush.

The Super Toothbrush includes an augmented reality game that kids can access with their phones while brushing their teeth. It also plays a two-minute song to encourage children to spend more time brushing their teeth. The Super Toothbrush is equipped with premium Tynex DuPont bristles and a long-lasting battery that lasts for three months, which is also the average lifespan of a toothbrush per the American Dental Association.

As part of the new product launch, The Super Dentists will give away theme park tickets to lucky participants who purchased The Super Toothbrush. Dr. Kami Hoss believes that not only can The Super Toothbrush help educate children further in terms of oral hygiene, but it does so in an enjoyable manner.

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