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10 holiday foods and drinks dentists won’t touch

The holiday season, which unofficially starts with Halloween and ends on New Year’s Day, is the time when everyone likes to cut loose, put inhibitions aside, and eat and drink, well, whatever looks good.

Babies’ Teeth Need Care Like Their Lives Depend on It – Times of San Diego

Many parents don’t realize the importance of baby teeth because, after all, at some point they will fall out to make way for permanent teeth. But baby teeth have a huge impact on oral health, emotional health and general health. More studies are showing the connection between good oral health and overall health.

The Best Non-Strip Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

The medieval Japanese custom of , or blackening of teeth, was considered a mark of beauty. Unfortunately for you, this isn’t medieval Japan, and whiter teeth aren’t just desirable for their beauty — they’re a sign of good dental health.

New in Carmel Valley: Kids love visiting the fun-filled offices of The Super Dentists

By Karen Billing Not many dental offices can boast having superhero doctors and an evil villain out to rot teeth, not to mention video games, photo booths and a toy store in a super-fun lobby, which also includes TVs planted into the ceiling above treatment chairs and even a Starbucks coffee nook…

Local Premiere: The Super Dentists Strike Back

Tomorrow morning, Vista’s Krikorian Theater will play host to the sold-out, red-carpet premiere of The Super Dentists Strike Back, the latest project from the pediatric dentistry and orthodontics practice of Drs. Nazli Keri and Kami Hoss. (Your humble correspondent will be in attendance and hopes to bring back video of the event.)

Solana Beach Student Wins Talent Competition

Rarely does kicking and screaming win a child anything, much less a cash prize. Solana Ranch Elementary student Aarav Chandra artfully spun a karate staff in every direction to win his school $10,000 in a countywide talent competition hosted by Super Dentists, a San Diego-based pediatric dentistry and orthodontic office.

New San Diego Dental Assistant Courses from Howard Healthcare Academy

“We are very excited to expand our course offerings. The dental healthcare field is constantly evolving, and we pride ourselves in staying on top of the latest technology and developments to better prepare our students for the dental workforce.

Taekwondo standout wins $10K for Solana Ranch School in Super Dentist contest

While upon first impression 10-year-old Aarav Chandra may appear shy, he transforms into a fierce and confident performer with a taekwondo bo staff in his hand. Aarav used those well-practiced skills to win the Super Dentists Carmel Valley Spring Fair talent competition, winning a $10,000 for his school, Solana Ranch.

3 16 10 SuperDentists BETTER Benefits of Incognito braces

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Kami Hoss makes San Diego’s Magazine’s 2010 Top Dentists List

Kami Hoss makes San Diego’s Magazine’s 2010 Top Dentists List Tuesday, April 6, 2010:”Top Dentists” edition of the San Diego Magazine. Online PR News – 15-May-2011 – – The Super Dentists is pleased to announce that Dr. Nazli Keri and Dr. Kami Hoss will be in the “Top Dentists” edition of the San Diego Magazine for the second year in a row.

Super Dentists REALLY have Super Powers! – KAMI HOSS, DDS, MS

Dr. Hoss and Dr. Keri (Husband and Wife) violated all the rules when they joined forces to transform and re-invent the dental experience, especially for children. Dr. Hoss will share how he used advanced entertainment technology and “superhero” characters to convince children to beg their parents to go to the “super” dentists without hesitation.