It’s quite natural to have dental anxiety, especially among those afraid of injection or sharp tools or generally have low pain tolerance. The great news is the there is a variety of ways one can make the visit to the dentist both bearable and pleasant, says Dr. Kami Hoss of The Super Dentists.

Many experts will tell you that removing one’s fear of dentists actually begins with finding the right dentist. Remember that there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you are fearful of dentists, and that you need to look for one who truly empathizes with your plight. Many people develop a phobia for dentists because of a traumatic memory of a dental visit, but there’s no reason why you cannot look for one who lets you feel that you have complete control of the procedure, allowing you to act naturally afraid or apprehensive without feeling ashamed.

Behavioral scientists also recommend avoiding coffee or any caffeine-laced drink at least six hours before your dental appointment. This does a lot in making you less anxious about the visit. During the actual procedure, concentrate on breathing slowly and regularly, pausing between inhaling and exhaling. Be conscious of not holding your breath, as this will just decrease your oxygen levels and make you panic more.

Finally, one of the best ways to alleviate anxiety is to agree with your dentist on a specific signal or gesture that alerts him or her of when you want the procedure to pause. This adds to the feeling that you are in control while you’re in the dental chair, explains Dr. Kami Hoss.

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