For over 20 years, The Super Dentists has been in the service of the people of San Diego, making the city brighter one smile at a time. Led by co-founder and CEO Dr. Kami Hoss, The Super Dentists offers high-quality services utilizing the latest in orthodontic technology. And by going the extra mile, the people of San Diego have supported the business to the extent that they have already put up five other branches, with a sixth one on its way. Because of this overwhelming support, The Super Dentists has also given back to the community on several occasions.

Since 2001, The Super Dentists has hosted Spooktacular, a family event where people raise funds to help children. Participants are in costume, having fun while learning the scary side of dental problems. Every year, over 5,000 people join in on dance contests, pony rides, petting zoos, costume contests, and treats, with the organizers utilizing the event to educate children and adults, too, on proper oral hygiene.

To curb children’s wanting for sweets, The Super Dentists has an ongoing Candy Buyback program where children can exchange a pound of candy for a dollar. The candy is sent to U.S. troops serving overseas while matching the amount and sending the donation to the child’s school.

The Super Dentists also supports Classics4Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides custom kid-friendly, in-school classical music programs. Dr. Kami Hoss believes that this teaches children the value of music and hopes to ignite their curiosity through events like symphony concerts.

To give back to the community, Kami Hoss MS, DDS, and The Super Dentists also organize a free dental day for children who cannot afford to get regular dental treatment. For more on Dr. Hoss and his practice, visit this page.