Led by CEO and co-founder Dr. Kami Hoss, The Super Dentists is a premier pediatric dental network in San Diego specializing in oral healthcare for children. It operates through five different locations within the city and is opening its sixth branch soon. The Super Dentists is known for its expertise, how it utilizes the latest in orthodontic technology, and the fact that it operates extended hours and on weekends to make sure everyone can have better oral health.

Its offices aren’t what you would call a standard dental clinic. They resemble more of a theme park lounge rather than a place for tooth extraction. And that’s a good thing as children often associate visits to the dentist with pain or fear. Putting children at ease, letting them know that superhero dentists are there to make the pain go away, it all makes for one effective way in earning the kid’s trust and is also a great way to teach them about oral hygiene.

While The Super Dentists specializes in pediatric dentistry, its clinics are open to every member of the family. Whether the teens need tooth cleaning or mom wants incognito braces, The Super Dentists can do it all. This way, both the parent and the child can enter the clinic and have their pearly whites worked on to save time and money.

Dr. Kami Hoss states that The Super Dentists’ unique approach to pediatric dentistry works because of the team’s dedication to the craft, how the practice utilizes the latest in technology, and its goal of reinventing and transforming the dental experience.

Dr. Kami Hoss is an author and in-demand speaker in dentistry and business. He has published articles in numerous professional and community journals and has been invited by many news organizations to lend his expertise on the topics of dentistry and orthodontics. For more insightful reads on oral health, visit this blog.