Dental braces are an effective way to correct misaligned teeth. According to Dr. Kami Hoss, having this kind of dental structure can affect a person’s bite or damage the teeth. While most people get them when they’re in their adolescent years, it’s no longer uncommon these days to see adults correct their smile with braces. However, wearing these dental appliances require extra care to ensure that the treatment goes well. Here are three ways to maintain healthy teeth while wearing braces.

Brush after every meal

Brushing can be a little tricky for those wearing braces. The brackets and the wire can trap dirt, making it more difficult to remove. Dentists usually provide special toothbrushes that can clean teeth and brackets, cleaning even hard to reach areas. Brushing after every meal will keep the mouth clean and prevent swollen gums.

Floss at least once a day

Braces can make the gums prone to gingivitis. According to Dr. Kami Hoss, bleeding and swollen gums are caused by dirt and bacteria buildup in the mouth. Flossing at least once a day is an effective way to remove dirt before it becomes plaque.

Avoid sticky and crunchy foods

The brackets and wire are responsible for correcting the teeth’s alignment. Sticky foods like caramel and other sweets can be hard to clean. Wearing braces can also make the teeth feel fragile. Eating crunchy foods can also damage the brackets, which would require an urgent trip to the dentist as it can hinder the corrective benefits of the braces.

While under treatment, patients must be faithful to their dentist’s suggested schedule for cleaning and adjustment. Missing a check-up might mean keeping the braces longer. In the case of damaged brackets or wires, it’s best to immediately go to the dentist to correct the alignment.

Kami Hoss, MS, DDS is the CEO and co-founder of The Super Dentists. He is also the CEO of Acceledontics, and Howard Healthcare Academy. He holds a master’s degree in craniofacial biology and a doctorate in dental surgery. Visit this blog for more dental care tips.