For children, visiting the dentist can be a nightmare. They often associate such trips with needles or pain. And while some practices do cater to children by making the environment a lot more kid-friendly, most parents don’t have the luxury to shop around for that kind of dentist. But if you live in San Diego, you’ll be glad to find out that not all superheroes wear capes.

The Super Dentists was founded by Dr. Kami Hoss and his wife, Dr. Nazli Keri. Both gathered a team of exceptional pediatric dentists, orthodontists, and an amazing support crew to open their very first branch. They have been practicing in San Diego for over 20 years and have expanded to a total of six locations, including in Escondido as their latest branch, which will open soon. Primarily, The Super Dentists aims its services toward pediatric dentistry. Likewise, the practice also caters to adult patients as well.

The Super Dentists focuses its service on these 10 pillars: kids, experience, expertise, innovation, technology, convenience, accessibility, affordability, education, and community. Through these pillars, the experts at Super Dentists pledge to provide their patients with the highest level of quality care.

Dr. Kami Hoss believes that what makes The Super Dentists so unique is its approach to pediatric dentistry. Not only are the clinics built like a theme park’s lounge, but they are also equipped with state-of-the-art orthodontic apparatuses and utilize the latest technologies in the field. The clinics also offer extended hours to accommodate people who are only available during early mornings, late evenings, as well as Saturdays.

Kami Hoss MS, DDS, is a sought-after author, consultant, inventor, and speaker in the fields of dentistry and business. He is the CEO of The Super Dentists. For similar reads, visit this blog.